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Facility Planning consulting from JCKC, integrates a complete assessment of oranization and operations with facility design,  to optimize hospital-wide supply chain performance, and minimize both life-time operating expense and capital investment related to the space designed and constructed.


Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC has learned that all components of the supply chain in a hospital are interdependent, and must addressed as a holistic system of parts, in order to achieve optimum performance.

  • Operations Analysis – complete and document a process and quantitative profile of all aspects of the supply chain, hospital-wide, to identify optimization opportunities that the facility design will affect or allow; not just continue current models. As indicated, complete cost/benefit analysis and ROI calculations. 
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving; inbound and outbound dock activity
  • Storing (drugs, supplies, linen, food, equipment, records, etc.) from storing locations to points of use
  • Transporting (horizontal and vertical)
  • Reprocessing (instruments, utensils, linen, etc)
  • Order picking (unit dose, PAR restock, case carts, meal trays, etc)
  • Delivering
  • Handling waste (all categories)
  • Point-of-use dispensing options
  • Material Handling systems (monorail, pneumatic tube, automated guided vehicles, robots)


  • Functional Programs -Development of new Operating Model and Principles
    • How each department will handle the supply chain (not procedure level of detail)
    • How each type of material will  be handled, by whom, when
    • How and where each material will be stored and the relationships needed between supply sources and customers (both horizontal and vertical juxtaposition/alignment)
    • Cost and Benefit (ROI) of proposed operating model changes, as well as alternative systems, automation options, etc. 


  • Space Programs
    • Department space requirements in Gross and Net Square Feet, based on an engineered calculation of need (e.g., how many racks of shelving at __ square feet, plus aisles, for a storage area, or how many sterile processing work stations per the right number of FTE’s, at __ square feet)
    • Most appropriate location for the space (next to dock, next to elevators, etc)
    • Flows showing all the from - to movement, along with volume (# of carts per trip or per day) of activity
    • Supply chain related production equipment capacity requirements (number of steam sterilizers to handle projected surgery and other volume)


  • Design Development – assisting the architects with interpretation of the Functional Programs and Space Programs, as they are converted into single-line schematic and design level drawings, and reviewing those iterations.


  • Post Construction Implementation consulting- an option some hospitals prefer. This includes assisting with the transition to new operating models, which can begin in pilot stages, in current buildings, during construction. Some must wait until after construction and occupancy of new spaces



For answers to your questions or to connect for other reasons,send an e-mail to jamieckowalski@att.net

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The Survey was co-authored and produced by Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC and PerformanSC of Dublin, Ireland.

Copies of the Report of findings of the 2015, 2016  AND 2018 editions of the  Leadership and Succession Surveys are available.




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